About mboRijnland

Studying at mboRijnland

mboRijnland is a so-called ROC (Regional Training Centre) with locations in the region of the Netherlands surrounded by the major cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Over 17,000 students study at mboRijnland and some 1,700 employees work there. One feature is characteristic of mboRijnland: its position right in the heart of society. That is why we are aware of the issues and what is expected of young as well as older people. Consequently the courses we develop and offer are practice- and future-oriented. Our teachers involved, competent and enthusiastic. And our students? They find their way in society, becoming increasingly aware of their own qualities and ready to use them!

mboRijnland offers a lot of possibilities

At mboRijnland anyone can find a training or a course targeted at his or her desires and possibilities. We offer a wide range in the field of general education, vocational education and contract teaching. Characteristic of a course at mboRijnland is the fact that everyone learns in the way that suits him or her best. A brief summary of our range of possibilities is listed alongside.

MBO (secondary vocational education)

In secondary vocational education we train students to enter professions in various sectors: beauty care & hairdressing, business, commerce, electrical engineering & automation, engineering & technology, health care, ICT and personal & social services.

Education for refugee students

If you are a refugee student living in the Netherlands, and you are looking for and study programme, please use the

Pathfinder tool for refugee students

General Education

Courses in reading and writing, modern languages, Dutch as a second language, computer training, vocational and educational orientation routes or obtaining a VMBO (pre-vocational education), HAVO (higher general secondary education) or VWO (pre-university education) diploma. It’s all part of the possibilities.


We organize courses and training commissioned by companies, the authorities and care institutions. But private individuals who want to develop themselves also attend our courses with great enthusiasm and successfully.